Collaborative Competition: The CAPA Tennis Club

Written by CAPA JRC reporters Rachel and Joy

In March 2022, the student-led CAPA-MC Tennis Club was established to offer hands-on tennis education to local students. The tennis club hosts regular practice sessions welcome to all students in grades 3-8. Students of beginner and intermediate levels are trained through student-guided drills, rallies, and games.

The club was founded by four middle school students - Jessica Zhang, Ivy Li, Faina Song, and Jiajeng Zhang. As tennis enthusiasts themselves, these four students were eager to encourage other students in pursuing endeavors in the sport and cultivate a community where they could grow as both tennis players and people. Since tennis is both a mental and physical challenge, players are able to develop the skills of resilience and persistence, while getting exercise and having fun.

“I have learned a lot from tennis about sportsmanship and I enjoy helping others,” said Jessica Zhang. “And since I have the ability to help others, why not give back to the community?” Zhang especially enjoys the community service aspect of the club, and has stated that it is her “favorite part of the club.”

The tennis club mainly hosts its practice sessions in the Potomac community, but has flexible meeting dates. The Cabin John Middle School tennis courts are the most frequented club location.

To get involved with the club or participate in practice sessions, please contact

This article was provided by Chinese American Parents Association Junior Reporter Club (CAPA JRC) with members who interviewed, audio recorded, wrote, translated, and video recorded. CAPA JRC has 25 Montgomery County middle to high school students. They have created a bilingual platform delivering news and serving the community.


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