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“Careers in MCPS” Provides Information for Prospective Employees

On January 25th 2022, webinar “Careers in MCPS” co-sponsored by APASAAG, CAPA-MC and OCA-DC sought to address the need for staff in MCPS and offer valuable information for those seeking employment in MCPS. Emceed by educator and community advocate Julie Yang, the webinar included panelists with diverse jobs in MCPS.

Ms. Yang mentioned three reasons for organizing this seminar in a later interview. She says that MCPS recently has experienced a significant staffing shortage, and she wants to help staff our schools, so students can have a smooth experience. Aside from that, as an immigrant, she also hopes to promote the benefits of working for the school system to the many new immigrants who need jobs. And because MCPS has a very diverse population, “increasing the diversity of staff would better represent our community, and serve the student body better.”

Speaking first was MCPS Supervisor of Strategic Recruitment Mr. Tomas Rivera-Figueroa, who gave an overview of the outstanding advantages and benefits of working for MCPS. Such perks include a world class location, a myriad of opportunities, high starting salary, and much more. He also gave a brief overview of the outstanding MCPS school system.

Right after, principal intern Anita Chan gave an introductory speech on the requirements and duties of a clerical staff and substitute teacher. A clerical staff is required to possess the basic skills of an office worker such as the ability to multitask, remain calm under pressure, and more. A substitute teacher should work well with new students and staff as well as be flexible with time.

Ms. Kina Elyassi addressed the significant driver shortage and gave out a brief summary of the MCPS transportation system as well as the requirements to become a transportation staff. Candidates should be able to maneuver vehicles safely and precisely, possess knowledge of the routes, and possess the ability to be a leader on the bus.

Ms. Yuan Shen, the Food and Nutrition Service School base supervisor, introduced job vacancies in MCPS cafeterias. She also mentioned the possibility of getting promoted fairly quickly based on personal experience. “I started at MCPS as a part-time cafeteria substitute in 2004. I called in at 6:15 every day to get an assignment instead of waiting for the field manager to call me,” Shen said. “I soon became a permanent sub who works six hours per day to cover the manager's absence. After six months, I got a promotion as a middle school manager.” In her current position, she now monitors the meals and nutrition of 30 schools all over the county.

The “Careers in MCPS” webinar was a great success, informing the community at large about the responsibilities and duties for MCPS staff recruitment. From the panelists’ inside view and experience, it’s clear that MCPS relies heavily on its diverse community and talents to deliver a powerful educational experience throughout the county.

This article was provided by Chinese American Parents Association Junior Reporter Club (CAPA JRC) with members who interviewed, audio recorded, wrote, translated, and video recorded. CAPA JRC has 25 Montgomery County middle to high school students. They have created a bilingual platform delivering news and serving the community.

Instagram: @capa_jrc


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