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Board of Education 2022 Swearing-in-Ceremony

Written by CAPA-JRC reporter Benson Chan

On December 1, 2022, the Montgomery County Board of Education welcomed two newly-elected BOE members and two returning members in a formal swearing-in ceremony at Carver Educational Services Center in Rockville. The two-hour event opened with introductions and acknowledgements of notable attendees, which was followed by the highly anticipated swearing-in ceremony. The remainder of the event featured additional acknowledgements from the BOE members, including remarks from the newly-elected Julie Yang and Grace Rivera-Oven, and from the departing BOE members, Dr. Juidth Docca and Dr. Scott Jotus.

Brenda Wolff, the re-elected Board member of District 5, began the event by formally welcoming Yang and River-Oven onto the Board of Education, while also taking the time to bid farewell to the outgoing Board members, Docca and Joftus.

Following several short acknowledgements by Wolff, the event dove straight into the eagerly-awaited swearing-in ceremony. The newly elected members, Yang and River-Oven, were joined by the returning members, Wolff and Karla Silvestre, in the front of the room. In the brief but momentous ceremony, the four members took the oath and promised their complete commitment to the County’s education. After the ceremony had concluded, the newly sworn-in members were immediately met with an eruption of applause from the audience and their fellow Board members.

The event closed off with final remarks from Silvestre, Wolff, Rivera-Oven, Yang, Docca, and Joftus, as well as Board members Shebra Evans, Lynne Harris, Student Member Arvin Kim, and Superintendent Dr. Monifa B. McKnight. The speakers congratulated Yang and Rivera-Oven, and bid farewell to the departing members, recalling their contributions to the County and sharing memorable moments working with Docca and Joftus.

Overall, the swearing-in ceremony marks a new period for the Board of Education and signals the beginning of an exciting term for Yang and Rivera-Oven as members of the Board.

This article was provided by Chinese American Parents Association Junior Reporter Club

(CAPA JRC) with members who interviewed, audio recorded, wrote, translated, and video

recorded. CAPA JRC has 25 Montgomery County middle to high school students. They have

created a bilingual platform delivering news and serving the community.


Instagram: @capa_jrc


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