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Welcome to the CAPA JRC blog!

The Chinese American Parents Association (CAPA) Junior Reporter Club (JRC) is a group of middle and high school second-generation Chinese-American students in Montgomery County that strive to make a positive difference in the Chinese and Asian community through journalism.

We work together to write Chinese and English news articles about and take photos and videos of CAPA events. As second-generation Chinese-Americans, we have a different perspective than the rest of the Chinese community on many topics, such as education.

We hope to use this club as a platform to deliver our ideas and opinions to others in the community.

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Meet the Members

amy he

Amy He

Reporter, Translator

Hi, my name is Amy He, and I am a senior at Thomas S. Wootton High School. I am mainly a reporter for CAPA JRC, but I often help to translate English articles into Chinese as well. I joined CAPA JRC two years ago because I wanted to improve my journalism skills and connect with my Chinese background.

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Kathleen Li

Social Media Manager, Reporter, Translator

Hi! My name is Kathleen Li and I am a senior at Richard Montgomery High School. I am a reporter for CAPA JRC and occasionally translate English articles into Chinese. I joined this club because I wanted to exercise my writing skills and explore my Chinese American roots through journalism. Through JRC, I have met so many new people, improved my interviewing skills, and gone to lots of cool places. 

ben lee

Benjamin Lee

YouTube Co-Director

Hey whats up! My name is Benjamin Lee and I’m a junior at Winston Churchill High School. I am currently the Youtube Co-Director for CAPA JRC. I’m behind every video you see on the CAPA JRC YouTube channel.

claire yu

Claire Yu

Photography Leader, Reporter, Translator

Hi, my name is Claire Yu and I am currently a ninth grader at Richard Montgomery High School. I am mainly a photographer for the JRC and occasionally write and translate reports. 

cynthia chen

Cynthia Chen

Senior Advisor

Hi, I’m Cynthia Chen. I’m a senior at Thomas Wootton High School. I organize the reporting team, help write articles, and translate articles into Chinese. 

eileen luo

Eileen Luo

Blog Manager, Reporter

Hi, I'm Eileen Luo, a tenth grader at Montgomery Blair High School. I originally joined CAPA JRC to develop my skills as a journalist and spread awareness of the Asian American community. In my time with the JRC, however, not only have I accomplished these two goals, but I've also had the opportunity to learn more about the Asian American culture.

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Emily Zhang

Senior Advisor

Hi, I’m Emily Zhang, a senior at Winston Churchill High School. In the past I've served as photography leader and Co-President. I'm now one of the JRC's senior advisors. CAPA JRC has opened my eyes to new experiences, from coordinating as a team to interviewing prominent community members to learning about our past generations.

Annotation 2020-04-25 152335.png

Evelyn Shue

Reporting Leader

I’m Evelyn Shue, a tenth grader at Richard Montgomery High School. I mostly work as a reporter in CAPA JRC, but I’m part of the YouTube team as well. I’m excited to be reporting co-leader with Rachel.


Robert Sun

Reporting Leader

Hello, my name is Robert Sun, and I’m currently a 11th grader at Winston Churchill High School. Currently, I am one of the reporters and newsletter writers in CAPA-JRC. My primary motivation for being a part of CAPA-JRC was my interest to learn journalism and get in touch with my Chinese heritage. 


Lillian Zhou

Senior Adviser, Reporter

Hi! My name is Lillian Zhou and I am a senior at Montgomery Blair High School. I was co-president of CAPA JRC for the 2018-2019 year. I joined JRC because I wanted to improve my reporting skills, find a community that I shared interests with, and learn about Chinese history and culture in America. I hope the club can continue to expand, improve, and impact the community for years to come.


Fred Bao


Fred is an 8th grader at Sidwell Friends school. This is his second year as a member of JRC. In his free time he likes to play hockey and watch football.

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Lucy Wu

Youtube Director, Photographer

Bonjour! This is Lucy Wu—a junior at Winston Churchill High School and currently the photography leader of CAPA JRC. I love photography very much because it provides a great way to capture the important and beautiful moments in our life. And to make it not only pleasant but also meaningful, I found out that journalism will be an excellent way—which is why I joined CAPA JRC. 

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Rachel Wang

Reporting Leader, Reporter, Social Media, Manager

Hi! I’m Rachel Wang, a sophomore at Richard Montgomery High School. In this coming 2019-2020 school year, I will be a reporting co-leader of CAPA JRC with Evelyn. My favorite event by far from this past year was the Amy Chua lecture event.  I felt like Chua had really captured the essence of the culture clash between American and Chinese culture in writing, delving into the contrasting key values of culture through a parent’s perspective.

Annotation 2020-04-25 153603.png

Richard Sun

Video Editor

Hi, my name is Richard Sun, and I’m an 8th grader at Argyle Middle School. I am part of the YouTube team for CAPA JRC, and record some of the footage for our YouTube channel. One of my favorite JRC activities was our trip to the Newseum. 


Doris Wang


Doris is a junior reporter for CAPA JRC. She has been a member of the organization for one year now. Her favorite part of JRC is writing articles because she likes to write and inform others on what is going on.

Vicky Shan (单靖涵).jpg

Vicky Shan


Vicky is a freshman at Winston Churchill High School. In her spare time, she likes to sing and paint. Recently she's been obsessed with sewing and making clothes. Vicky also has a cat and a rabbit.


Joy Jiang


Hi! I’m Joy Jiang, a freshman at Richard Montgomery High School and a reporter for CAPA JRC. I write articles and occasionally help translate. I joined the JRC because I wanted to learn more about my Chinese American culture and improve my journalism skills.

Annotation 2020-04-25 152919.png

Lucas Lin

Retired Member

Hey, I’m Lucas Lin, and I’m a senior this year at Winston Churchill High School. I joined CAPA JRC in 2017 since I wanted to expand the voice of the Asian-American community through media, and I was co-president for the 2018-19 year.

audrey li

Audrey Li

Retired Member

Hi! My name is Audrey Li and I am a senior at Montgomery Blair High School. I focus on the artsy side of CAPA JRC, including managing our social media, taking photos, and making videos for our YouTube channel. I first joined to get more involved in the community and for more opportunities to take cool photos, but quickly got invested in the YouTube team too.


Governor's Citation Certificate


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